France | Crisis management

A French group, operating in 11 countries worldwide, entrusted S2E Consulting with designing its corporate crisis management plan.

S2E Consulting solutions provided :

  • Headquarters crisis organization support
  • Proper definition of crisis and risk concepts
  • Support for risk mapping and exposure
  • Elaboration of scenarios and response plans
  • Development of the business continuity plan
  • Implementation of security tools of intelligence and alert
  • Mode of activation and crisis cell management
  • Training to conduct a crisis situation
  • Implementation of a crisis exercise recurrence plan

Soudan | Major project security preparation

A Morrocan company requests S2E Consulting to prepare and secure an up coming mining site.

S2E Consulting solutions provided :

  • Security audits of local existing means
  • Sites plans and security procedures preparation
  • Identification of secure accommodations
  • Security means for local movements
  • Local security staffs implemented
  • Security awareness for coming engineering team

Algeria | Large scale project security engineering

A large German group entrusts S2E Consulting with securing a future construction site for a giant cement plant.

S2E Consulting solutions provided :

  • Upstream security technical assistance
  • Security management implementation
  • Definition of the security plans and procedures
  • Recruitment and management of local security staffs (123)
  • Establishment of active and passive means of protection
  • Security involvement at every step of the construction

Burkina Faso | Crisis management support

Several customers are facing a sudden deterioration of the political situation in the country, which is sinking into chaos. As a result, local expatriates face unsecure exposure.

S2E Consulting solutions provided :

  • Activation of security and containment plans
  • Opening of an internal security monitoring cell
  • Deployment of experts within the clients crisis cells
  • Coordination with local subsidiaries and families
  • Coordination with the Foreign Affairs crisis unit
  • Preparation of evacuation facilities for expatriates

Liberia | Close protection for top executives

An aeronautical company entrusts S2E Consulting with the security of a group of senior executives during their stay in Monrovia.

S2E Consulting solutions provided :

  • Risk analysis and local preparation of the mission
  • Creation of a dedicated security team
  • Opening of an internal security monitoring cell
  • Pick up from the airport in France
  • Securing places of accomodations
  • Securing movements
  • Close protection until return to France

Ivory Coast | Security mission before deployment

French group instructs S2E Consulting to verify security conditions on a mine site before deploying a engineering team.

S2E Consulting solutions provided :

  • Verification of local airport reception procedures
  • Audit of construction safety means
  • Audit of base camp security means
  • Audit of subcontractor security support procedures
  • Audit of alert, containment and evacuation means
  • Verification of the reality evacuation exercises
  • Security awareness of the whole team before departure

Republic of Congo | Crisis management support

As part of an in-depth reorganization of a subsidiary, some expatriates of a French group are threatened by local employees.

S2E Consulting solutions provided :

  • Deployment of an on-site security manager
  • Strengthening of site security features
  • Securing movements
  • Preventative evacuation of non-essential personnel
  • Strengthening security at union meetings
  • Support aiming at local tensions easing

Nigeria | Local crisis cell exercise

As part of its corporate security policy, and following the reinforcement of local security arrangements, a French energy firm entrusts S2E Consulting with conducting a crisis cell exercise.

S2E Consulting solutions provided :

  • Identification of thematic with stakeholders
  • Comprehensive creation of a crisis scenario
  • Organization of human and material resources
  • Provision of crisis management tools
  • Animation of a 6 hours exercise including 35 incidents
  • Training of the whole team before exercise

Gabon | Specialized staff providing

In anticipation of the presidential elections, S2E Consulting has deployed a security manager in the client agency for a period of 6 months in order to strengthen the local security for expatriates.

S2E Consulting solutions provided :

  • Revision and strengthening of the general security plan
  • Design of evacuation plans
  • Preparation of coordination with the authorities
  • Management of local security (97 staffs)
  • Training of civilian personnel for evacuation
  • Preparation and conduct of a crisis cell
  • Follow-up of the regional politico-security situation
  • Privileged link with the management of the subsidiary

Pakistan | Protection of an engineering team

As part of a solar project contracted with a Chinese client, S2E Consulting is called in to make sure that the on-site protection provisions are effective.

S2E Consulting solutions provided :

  • Audit of existing client security features
  • Identification of vulnerabilities
  • Design of an alternative protection plan
  • Establishment of a local security team
  • Strengthening the security of the hotel and working site
  • Security monitoring set up
  • Emergency cell set up, available on 24/7
  • Supervision and coordination of local means
  • Pick up of the team from the airport