Since its foundation, S2E has provided its clients with a real expertise in preparing and support their traveling staffs on short mission, specifically in high risk countries.
"Security Assistance for International Mobility" has attracted many companies by the quality of information provided to employees before their departure, and the protection solutions needed for some of their missions.

This offer is based on two key principles:

  • Ensuring to traveling staff, comprehensive and tailormade security preparation before departure
  • Ensuring and supporting staff and its company with a reactive and appropriated assistance in case of an incident

Staff training : security risks awareness during travel

S2E Consulting provides experienced trainers who will make your staffs security-risks openminded during their missions through real cases lived : 

  • Risk overview in a considered area
  • Business travelers vulnerability criteria awareness
  • Risks and threats during travel
  • Basic security elements to take into account when preparing
  • How to succeed integration into the local environment
  • How to behave and face in difficult situations

The traveler security briefing

The briefing is driven by security expert specialized in the travel area. It aims to inform and aware your staff  "before starting" with security risk for the future destination. The procedure takes about an hour depending on the experience of the employee. It includes:

  • The mission overview
  • Information release on the country, specifically on the exact destination
  • Diplomatic requirements
  • Threats and risks to face
  • Security recommendations with a focus on behavior
  • Open talk on the mision

A tracking and alert application

  • Get exact staff latest location in case of alert by your security partner
  • Get exact staff latest location for whom there is no news after departure
  • Get exact staff latest location who sent a "panic alarm"
  • Provide users with emergency referents and numbers Provide users with useful security and country informations
  • Provide users located in an high risks area with security alerts
  • Provide users with an emergency call in case of incident
  • Get an emergency response by S2E Traveler Crises Cells


  • Travel Protection Engineering,
  • Local arrival pick-up procedures,
  • Drivers specialized in emergency driving,
  • Armored / unmarked vehicle,
  • Security escort (CPO),
  • Tracking system in geolocation,
  • Securing hotels, lodgings and meeting places,
  • Emergency Response Teams,

an emergency crisis cells dedicated to travelers

S2E's clients take benefit from our roundclock security specialist team dedicated to a travelers crisis cells. Their mission is to provide an immediate response to a security incident that an employee could face during its trip.

  • Inclusion and integration of the incident gravity
  • First recommendations given to the employee
  • Implementation of an emergency unit dedicated to the incident
  • Coordination with the customer's diplomatic authorities in the country
  • Coordination if necessary with health providers
  • If necessary, the coordination with referenced external security companies